Job Search

Do you understand how the current job market works?

Get some tips on what works best.

  • Learn how to sell yourself effectively.
  • Learn how to answer job postings so that your application gets noticed and beats the competition.
  • Get expert advice on creating a resume that makes you shine. Your resume should get you interviews, otherwise it’s not working! Learn how to refocus your resume if you want to make a career change.
  • Learn how to access the ‘hidden job market’ and avoid the competition.
  • Get help with interview preparation and how to answer all those difficult and tricky questions.
  • Understand the role of employment agencies and head hunters and how they operate.

Resumes and CV’s

  • Get advice on resumes that make you shine!  A resume does not get you a job but can get you an interview!
  • Not getting interviews? Then your resume is not working!!
  • Resumes must be goal oriented and focused on a role! You can have more than one resume if you are exploring more than one area/role.
  • Learn how to craft and when to use a chronological or functional style resume.

The Mysterious “Hidden Job Market” – Where Most of the Jobs Are!

  • Learn how to access the hidden job market effectively.
  • Understand how this is the best way to make a shift in your career.
  • Know that this is far more effective than answering ads or job postings!

Preparing for the Interview

  • Anticipate the interview questions.
  • Prepare all your answers with examples.
  • Practice and rehearse.
  • Develop your questions for the interviewer to understand the job requirements and the workplace.

Using Agencies and Recruiters

  • Understand the role of agencies and recruiters and how to use them