Career Planning or Redirection

Have you never really found your passion when it comes to work?

Need some help in determining your strengths and how to best use them?

Are you interested in help with assessment and goal setting that will give you a career focus and increased self-confidence going forward.

Do you sometimes wonder what is holding you back from getting ahead?

Have  you had feedback from bosses and colleagues that you have some issues to work on?

Do you want to move forward in your organization/company and feel you have little support?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help.

Career Planning

We can help with career planning including:

  • determining a career goal
  • determining your strengths and what job is a good fit for you
  • giving you support to move ahead
  • helping you figure out your work-life balance

Career Management

We can help with career management issues including:

  • looking at any performance issues
  • dealing with conflict with colleagues or managers
  • getting ahead in the company
  • figuring out unclear job expectations
  • managing work overload and stress
  • negotiating work-life balance conditions
  • coping with changes in the workplace
  • help you improve your communication skills to help you take control of your current situation and how to advance yourself.