I was recently successful in a long arduous job competition involving a lengthy application, three interviews, proposal writing and presentations.  Loretta Helman guided and supported me through all the stages of the process. Most importantly, Loretta taught me how to identify, understand, and present my strengths, skills and value at every stage of the competition – from cover letter and resume through to the interview process. I now better understand the significant differences between the component pieces of applying for a job and successfully completing a selection process.  The knowledge and experience I gained from Loretta is so invaluable to me. She was a comforting guide and I will be forever grateful for her support of my success.

University Professor, K.M
March 2021

For over a year and a half I have been working through many career challenges. All of which I am sure many can relate to:

  • Working in a demanding role that doesn’t play to my key strengths and as a result one that I got very little enjoyment from doing
  • Much thought and self-searching to figure out what my “strengths” in fact are and what that translates to in a career path
  • Learning how to present those strengths everyday and fully tap into my networks to meet more people and learn more about different roles and opportunities
  • Work through a large corporate layoff and obtain a new job in a tough economic climate while still continuing to search for my future career path
  • Manage 4 great career opportunities through to the offer stage and ultimately make a good career choice for me based on testing and in-depth analysis to ensure that I am working in a role that is best suited to my strengths and skills. And most importantly one that I will get a great deal of enjoyment doing.

I want to thank Loretta for her support, objectivity, direction and clarity through each of these challenges.  Loretta has been an incredible help and I am truly grateful to her for the work she did with me to allow me to discover so much about myself. Thank you also for providing the tools and direction for me to do much of the work independently and in a cost effective manor. This was by far the best investment I have ever spent on myself, both from a financial and time perspective

Karen F, Toronto , April 2010

Loretta helped me wade through a time of turbulence in my career path, and gave me the resources and insight to see who I was and what my strengths were. Through effective interviewing skills and a deep understanding of test result interpretation, Loretta was able to provide me with concise and suitable career opportunities. The process helped me increase my confidence in making the right career choice, and I am now back on track with my career!”

  L.L Vancouver

Loretta has provided guidance and support to me many times in regards to my career planning. She is a true expert in her field, as evidenced by her methods, which are tried and true. She injects her work with creativity and sensitivity to help her clients overcome and address obstacles. I would recommend Loretta to anyone needing support and advice in their career planning and development.


After success at several different careers and now in midlife with small children, I needed assistance in transitioning to rewarding work that also provided the work-life balance I needed. This service provided practical and manageable steps in identifying my true strengths and possible career matches. Equally important was the invaluable feedback that I received along the way, throughout the resume crafting, research and interviewing process. After working with other career counsellors, I found Loretta Helman Career Services to be the best and would highly recommend them to others.

D.K. Ottawa

Before I even had my first career counselling session I admit I was doubtful that anything would come out of it. It was quite hard for me to believe that someone that didn’t know me would be able to help me figure out what career I was looking for or what was even right for me. But even with all the doubt I knew I had to try something. I had a couple of different careers up to this point and after deciding to close up a business venture I was in transition but had no idea what I wanted to do. The only things I knew, I didn’t want to go back to something I did in the past and that I was lost. What I was expecting in working with Loretta was that she would put me through a simple career test, it would tell me was the right fit for me and then I would have to go out and find the position. But I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’m not one that provides a lot of recommendations and I can’t say I would have had the same success with another individual so I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Loretta. Working with Loretta was the best thing for me and as I told her I wish I had worked with her 10 years earlier; I think my career path would have been quite different. Yes, in my case there was a assessment but it was such a minimal part of the overall counselling. Before we even talked about career what Loretta did for me was help me get a deeper understanding of my personality, motivation, strengths, etc. Loretta did not do the work for me but what she did give me was he tools, techniques, guidance, and encouragement to help me figure out where my true strengths lie and what is the ideal working environment for me. Loretta really listened to me and then tailored a plan specifically for my needs. It wasn’t an easy or short process but it was one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life. Thanks to Loretta’s help I was able to figure out what was at the core of my personality, what industry suited me, and what career path was right for me. At the end of the day, I was able to secure the position in the industry I targeted within a few months after my final session.

Thanks again Loretta.

A.K, Toronto

Loretta Helman was a truly excellent career counselor. When I lost my position as a college music professor, I despaired of finding any other suitable work in my community. I felt helpless and paralyzed; I did not know how to begin looking for other work. Working with Loretta gave me hope and encouragement as well as something productive to do. With her coaching I completely changed my career path and was offered two interesting and fulfilling positions within 2 months. I am now the Executive Director of an environmental non-profit agency. I will be forever grateful to Loretta for her help in moving through this very dark time in my life to ultimately achieve my career goals. Thanks Loretta!

R. Ontario, 2014

After I graduated I spent two years applying for jobs with very few callbacks. So I worked several ‘not-so-great-jobs’ to make ends meet. My situation devastated me because I had spent a great deal of money on two master degrees and a law degree, and yet, I was not able to start my career. One day a colleague of mine told be about a career counselor that she felt would be a great fit for me. Specifically she said, “Loretta will not let you give up! You need a little tough love.” And she meant this in a very good way, since she knew I needed someone that could push me forward, rather than let me slack and give up. Speaking to Loretta the first time, I did not know what to expect. I mean, what can a career counselor really do? Help me with my resume? Been there, done that! But boy, was I wrong. I was given homework, coaching, and yes, we also worked on my resume. But it was the coaching in particular that changed everything. Loretta really got to know me (the tests helped too), and after assessing my background, experience and interests, she point-blank said, “with your background, you will have to network.” No! I don’t know anyone! I thought my education would be enough! And I felt deflated. But I should not have panicked, because Loretta had a plan. She set me up with my first contact, and after speaking to that contact, I was set up with another, and then another, and within two weeks I had a contract offer in government – exactly where I had dreamt of working! I have been working for the government for almost two years, and just this week I was given the news that I won the competition for a permanent position. OMG! And every step of the way, Loretta was there to advise me, coach me, provide me with resources, and most of all, she was always available for me! She made time and squeezed me in her calendar. And that’s just who she is. She not only has a wealth of knowledge, and a “you will succeed!” attitude, but most important of all, she cares! She wants you to be happy and helps you achieve your goals with warmth and kindness. I can honestly tell you that I would not have been able to start my career if not for Loretta. I would still be floating from random job to random job, miserable if not for Loretta stepping in and showing the way to move my career forward. I will be forever grateful to her! And this is not the end. I will continue to contact Loretta when I need to make a career move because her input and approval is essential. I trust her completely. Thank you!

I.B. Toronto